The following is an update from Dan’s sister Janet who is in Manti. Dan spent almost 10 days in the Gunnison hospital for pain related symptoms:

Danny is back home and resting comfortably. He woke with a backache and a severe headache today. I went to the hospital with Celeste this morning. Dan was discharged from the hospital and then met with Dr. Wallentine before having another IV treatment of avastin. I was there for the meeting with Wallentine. Here is his report. Although the MRI indicates improvement, the way the avastin works can mask tumor growth. We were told that the symptoms Dan is having trump the MRI report. In other words, it doesn’t look good right now. Probably the avastin is slowing down the growth, though, so they want to continue the IV treatments. Wallentine got on the phone with the oncologist from the Hunstman institute and they were in agreement about how to proceed. Basically, Dan will continue to get the avastin until it either stops working or it becomes too toxic for Dan to handle. Wallentine made it clear that the avastin is not what’s causing Dan’s symptoms—they are a result of the tumor, which he described to me as a fast growing stage four tumor. Celeste is trying to get an appointment for another MRI and a consult at the Huntsman Institute the beginning of August. Wallentine said maybe Dan will surprise us again. Later I saw Wallentine in the hall and while it was just the two of us I asked him to verify that hospice care means that treatment is discontinued and he said yes. I also asked him how long he thinks Dan would live if the avastin was discontinued and he said that because of how long Dan’s had the cancer and the type of tumor it is he would guess maybe two months.

Two brethren were here today to help get Dan in the house. He is pretty much dead weight, plus today he is nauseous and just not feeling too great. They also gave him a blessing before they left. Danny continues to be gracious and kind to all around him. Celeste has arranged for a CNA to start coming to the house on Tuesday. McKay and McKenzie will be around this weekend. I will stay until Tuesday morning. Dan is staying in the bedroom on the main floor of the house and has an adjustable hospital bed. He is tired and dozes off a lot.