Hello Amigos,

This update may be too quick in coming to the last one. I thought it might be fun to include a few pictures. We celebrated Ashton’s 1st birthday at grandma & grandpa Tervort’s home with a strong showing from Sarah’s family, of course. Sarah and Kenzie put together, with help from the aunts and cousins, a nice hamburger/hot dog dinner with salads etc. Saturday I tried to fix a squeaky fan belt on the PT. I’m laying on my new shop roller gadget that came with a car jack on rollers and adjustable stands. My strength, whits, and dexterity were not up to the task, by the time I figured out what and how to fix it, I ran out of time. Had a hot date with my home nurse. The black t-shirt “IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING” has been a big hit. Mom gave it to me for my birthday. The other picture is Ashton and grandpa pajamas twiners – got everyone laughing so we had stop for a pose. WE saw Soul Surfer Saturday – good movie. Hit a bit close to home for us, should have carried more tissues.

I was able to attend the entire block of church meetings (some might not call that a blessing, but I do), but I kept forgetting what meeting was next. Chronology of events and appointments is hard for me to keep straight. I see Dr. Wallentine again Thursday and start round five of treatment in about a week. Nice to be on the down hill side of the treatments. I’m reducing meds, almost off steroids completely although the face is still puffy. Reducing the morphine has proven to be a bit more temperamental. I think it’s having the strongest side affect on my mental/memory functions.

I hope spring is shining warmly wherever you are and that we have a good week.

I love you and appreciate you so much – now I’m crying again.