Hello Everyone:

Im not sure what updates may have already been sent (by mom to the siblings), some of this is repeat for you. The last two days have been landmarks for me personally. The nice weather and my condition allowed me to work in the sunshiny yard two hours each day. I mowed the entire lawn and hoed the weeds, raked the dead fallen twigs( branches) in the planters. It felt great and the yard looks better too. I feel a bit weak and shaky while I’m working but I able to do it nonetheless. Tuesday some friends took me and Celeste out to dinner for my birthday – we had a good time. Marie’s daily schedule is too long with soccer games out of town and early-morning seminary, which she usually misses now anyway. We seem to have hit a stride in this strange segment of our lives. I hoping to see results from reducing medications. I think the puffness in my face is loosening slightly, I can pucker to whistle now anyway. By the end of May I’ll be off most everything.

Thanks for the well wishes and prayers. It’s all working for our good.