Dan Adams

A Tribute To A Wonderful Husband & Father

April 17, 2011

5K Run

Many thanks to Tricia and the Bradley’s for organizing the 5K run for my dad yesterday! It turned out to be a very special day for me and my family. Thank you to all those who showed up to support us. There was a great turn out and we truly felt the support of the community. Check back later for some pictures of the event. We’re going through them to pick our favorites.

April 13, 2011

More Challenges

Yesterday my father was honored at Snow College. The annual Mr Snow contest was held and all proceeds were donated to my family. It was a touching gesture from the community but one that was over shadowed by a heartless neighbor.

My folks have lived on their property in peace for nearly 18 yrs until Mr. Draper moved in next door. Since he moved in 3 years ago he has done nothing but bully and harass my poor parents. Sadly, he continues to do so even in their dire circumstance. Mr. Draper finds it necessary to badger my parents over a 3-4 foot discrepancy of property lines. Yesterday, my father enlisted our home teacher in helping them with some yard work which included removing a couple trees my parents planted years ago. Mr. Draper called the police and is pressing charges of vandalism because he believes the trees were on his property and he did not want the trees cut down. My mother attacked Mr. Draper verbally and he is also threatening to press harassment charges. Later that day my mother saw Mr. Draper in our yard tampering with a tree so she went outside to take pictures of him in our yard. Mr. Draper tried to physically intimidate my mother and went so far as to push her down. My mother called the police and filled out another statement.

My parents are now bracing themselves for court and the emotional energy and financial burden that may come from a drawn out legal battle. My father broke down when I spoke to him over the phone. “I’m doing the best I can,” he said as his voice failed him and I heard him crying quietly. I spent the better part of the night wondering, what kind of man is this Mr. Draper? Who would ruthlessly harasses his own neighbor who is suffering with terminal cancer and has the audacity to physically intimidate my little immigrant mother? Just as kind and gentle as my father has been with everyone he has come in contact with, the more I learn of this Mr. Draper, the more I find he has quite the opposite reputation. This man has a rap sheet of official complaints and courtroom appearances longer than a list of my fathers accolades, which are many. The sad thing is Mr. Draper has won every one of the property battles and civil complaints, that I am aware of, and he smugly warned my mother that he would win this one too. Surely the community will not stand for this! I implore everyone that has so graciously supported my parents in the last few months, to unite with increased energy to help them with this additional challenge. I may not be able to run Mr. Draper out of town like I would like, but please stand behind my father as a community. Please make it known that Mr. Draper’s behavior will not be tolerated.

April 11, 2011

Update from Dan

Had an exceptionally good day which started with 7-8 hours of sleep. Taking the Temador with its buddies seems to be the least disruptive to my pill routine. Home Health comes every Monday to take vitals , get a report and blood sample. I am still at 149.5, so I kept my wee 10lbs. The weather was beautiful and the planters were calling our names. SO, Celeste and I spent the better part of the day outside clearing out dead twigs and leaves to add to the spring bonfire and scooping up poop from our neighbor’s roaming dogs. Quite a sore subject around here. I have considered posting well placed signs to remind our neighbors that their dogs are welcome to walk past the house but that their remains should not remain. Can you guys help me come up with a clever sign (posted with a supply of baggies for convenient carry out? first try,
1)Roses are red, violets are blue, unless your dog poops golden tulips, haul it out of here.”
2)Hey YOU! Walking your Dog! Please place all doggy deposits in the bag marked with family your name, they are guaranteed to be returned in full measure.
3) I want to to be your neighbor, but your dog’s poop can go to…”, x,o,x,o, Fred Rogers

April 7, 2011


Doc’s visit today 4/7/11 We saw Dr. Wallentine today again. He had received word about our consultation with the Huntsman team but had not received all the information from the MRI. There was a slight tone of defensiveness in some of his comments today, but all in all he took it well. Our plan remains the same; start round four April 10 and for sure one more round until May 31, which is when we see Huntsman again. There could be a sixth round called for by then, but frankly, we’re expecting that there will be nothing left to treat by then. I was up to 149.5 today; a few pounds more than Monday. Still fighting to get a handle on the nausea.
Looking forward to a visit from Ron and McKay this weekend. Next week Snow College holds a “Mr. Snow” competition as a student activity fund raiser. They’ve decided to donate the proceeds to Dan Adams. The donations for the 5K have been coming in too. The generosity and thoughtfulness of this community is overwhelming to such an ordinary joe who has done nothing to deserve it – seems a little silly. God blesses me in my life – and then people bless me because I’ve been blessed by God already. It’s a bit like me standing at the edge of the Grand Canyon and with a sweeping hand motion as I bow stating “Tah dah!” as If taking credit for it. (not fishing here, just expressing my uneasiness with receiving the generosity and attention that is not deserved, in my mind)

April 5, 2011

Update from Dan

Hi All – had the weekly home-health nurse visit today. Struggling to find relief for the constant nausea which is very tiresome – trying to focus on the progress and the positive that has and continues to transpire. Earlier I mistakenly mentioned the 5K run for this week – it’s April 16th. Dad was routing that I would gain a few lbs. this week. I was up 9.5 lbs. this week compared to last week. . About two weeks ago an old filling chipped off my rear molar – leaving a good-sized gap and rough edge that affected opening my jaw and rubbed against my tongue. I had that fixed today. Thank you all for the love and support. It helps us press forward when the fight seems long.

Love, Danny

March 30, 2011


It has been some time since thelast Danogram. There has been nothing to report except long days of nausia and discomfort. But today is different!!! Yesterday dan went to thwhuntsman institute to meet with a team of doctors. They did another mri. The adjectives used by the doctors when comparing the mri from january include but are not limited to. Impossible remarkable incredible etc. The tumor is barely visible. They had to magnify the screen to see it. What was once a heavy cloud is now a faint one on the screen. The doctors said this is TREATABLE. They are reducing his steroids a little each week as well as his dose of morphine. Both reductions should go a long way in reducing even eliminating his symptoms. Having traveled through 3 or so very difficult weeks there is more hope than ever. When God is with us, who can be against us? I was reading the story of lazarus last
week and couldn’t help but compare the story with dans. Surely Jesus wept as he watched, conversed with dans soul. Surely he loves him much. Surely he has had an experience very similar to lazarus. After all in mid January they gave him only days!!!!! God works in mysterious ways his wonders to perform

March 29, 2011

Huntsman Visit

Celeste and I spent the day at the Huntsman Cancer Center at UU. had a fresh MRI and consulted with a team of three oncologists about case history, treatments and medications. They scanned through the MRI’s comparing images from December until today – A huge improvement. God gave me a visual gift today. I saw an imagine of my brain that was clean and bright to the naked eye. The doc had to click and zoom to even find the tumor to the sight of the naked eye. They were all very impressed. In their minds I am not a terminal patient I am on the treatable list. Perhaps it will require a maintenance treatment (of which there are). Remains to be seen. Necrosis, or the residual scarring from radiation has been known to irritate brain matter and cause similar symptoms. Thus the steroid treatments – they help to settle the necrosis. It doesn’t really grow but might need to be treated from time to time. They said the only evidence that this may have been diagnosed as a glioblastoma is the speed at which it was growing – but the temador is handling that. They recommend a sixth round of Temador instead of just five just for good measure, then we see them again in May 31. We are slowly reducing the other meds to coincide with the shrunken tumor;i.e., slowly lowering steroids, morphine as able, increase miralax to help me keep regular. This has given us (me) the boost I needed to push through. Again, eternal thanks for the countless prayers and witnessing with me the greatness of our God.

March 18, 2011


Just left dans. Went for a walk towards the mountain. Made it to the powerplant road with ease. Had a good conversation. He started his 3 round or chemo monday night. It.has been the best so far. Very few side effects. Still weighs the same. Has good energy for the most part. He is enjoying the ncaa basketball games. He no longer gets sick watching tv. Talks of plans for the summer and for the next year with confidence. The dramatic progress of the past several months has slowed but he continues to improve. When you get a chance go by and visit. It will give you a real boost.

March 10, 2011

Today’s doc visit

Saw Wallentine today – his word, miraculous! Doctors aren’t supposed to use that word, I thought. “I”ve never seen this kind of progress before”, he said. Gained 4 lbs. in a week,the yuckiness and plugged bowels persist but my tumor symptoms are diminishing. I can stand on one leg to put on my pants and I’ve been catheter-free this week. Don’t have to get up during the night to go to the bathroom -. Round three of Temador will start Monday at the same dosage 100mg a day for five days. I can still feel the lingering effects of round two. The stuff is potent and persistent but so are we. God is sustaining me, Celeste, and the kids day to day. Thank you for the prayers and encouragement. the impressive progress has Wallentine interested in seeing an MRI , but likely won’t do one until all the rounds have run their course for maximum benefit. We’ve had beautiful spring weather. I enjoy a nice walk up the road everyday-about 3 blocks each way.

Love to all,


March 8, 2011


Went on a walk with dan this afternoon. We continue to walk farther each time. Today he left the golden purse home. Has been without it now a day and a half. Only had to get up twice last night. He hasn’t had bladder control this good since mid october. That was the first symptom of trouble last fall. His smile is better each visit. He is feeling better emotionally than he was at the end of last week. He still feels the chemo but it lessens a little each day. He says his mouth feels weird. Side effects of the treatment as well. He is considering the idea of consulting with another oncologist. Looking to dr. Jan for some direction in that matter. His improvement is as consistant and constant as Gods Love.

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