I feel like the symptoms from my Dad’s tumor have pretty much disappeared but the strong medication he has been subject to has wiped him out. He is still very weak. He is constantly tired and plagued with nausea. He is gradually reducing his medication and says he feels more like himself with every cut back. He rode his mountain bike last week and went to all 3 hours of church yesterday. We look forward to his visit to the Huntsman Institute in Salt lake on May 31st. I would like to stress the importance of this visit. They will take another MRI and discuss the next steps to take based on the results they find. The decisions we make that day will likely have a lasting impact on my Dad’s life going forward.
As many of you know, my Dad has received a chemo treatment called Temodar. Patients that begin Temodar treatments are never expected to go off the treatment unless it proves to be ineffective. The treatment seems to be working wonderfully for my Dad but combined with the additional medication he has to take with Temodar, the side effects have greatly degraded his quality of life. I fear the physical and emotional toll my Dad has been through the last 6 months has been so great that if the doctors recommend continuing with the Temodar treatment, I suspect we will consider to decline the treatment in order for Dad to enjoy a higher quality of life.
However, if the doctors find the tumor has receded enough, or even disappeared, we assume they will not have us continue the treatment. Should this be the case then we truly have witnessed a miracle. From what I have gathered, the medical community has never seen Temodar actually reduce a brain tumor to nothing.
Obviously, the second scenario is the result we are hoping and praying for. Your prayers and faith have carried us this far, I would ask, on behalf of my family, that we all make another concentrated effort to prayerfully prepare for this doctors visit on Tuesday, May 31st. Let’s carry Dan through the finish line! I know our prayers are heard and felt. Thank you all again very much!