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Love Letter
April 7, 2014

Love Letter

Once in a while I feel the need to drive two hours into rural Utah and visit my mother for a weekend. It’s nice to be there. The tiny town is much quieter than the city. And the country air is clean and crisp. My mother still lives in the house I grew up in. - Read More -

August 11, 2011


Thanks again to everyone for your support and prayers. I thought it would be neat to share some of our favorite memories of Dan on the blog. If you have a quick memory you would like to share please comment on this blog post. It doesn’t have to be a big experience, in fact, Dan - Read More -

August 4, 2011

Funeral Service

Dan passed away peacefully surrounded by family at home on Wednesday night, August 3rd. We would like to thank everyone for the love and support we have been given and continue to receive. The funeral service is being arranged for Monday, August 8 at 11am. We plan on having a viewing Sunday evening as well - Read More -

July 21, 2011

Update from Janet – Thursday

The following is an update from Dan’s sister Janet who is in Manti. Dan spent almost 10 days in the Gunnison hospital for pain related symptoms: Danny is back home and resting comfortably. He woke with a backache and a severe headache today. I went to the hospital with Celeste this morning. Dan was discharged - Read More -

May 31, 2011

Huntsman Institute – Today’s MRI

Mom, Dad and Marie drove to Salt Lake Monday afternoon and spent the night downtown. Dad had an MRI appointment at the Huntsman Institute this morning at 8. The consultation was at 1pm. I met them there for the consultation along with Janet, Gary, MacKenzie and Kaira. We were a little surprised at the results. - Read More -

May 28, 2011

Busy Weekend – Another ER Visit

I came home for the weekend and noticed Dad wasn’t using his left arm again. He was also shuffling around like he had been earlier this year. I knew he had been weaning himself of his medication and he told me he hadn’t had any steroids for a week. He also admitted to losing some - Read More -

May 23, 2011

Important Date

I feel like the symptoms from my Dad’s tumor have pretty much disappeared but the strong medication he has been subject to has wiped him out. He is still very weak. He is constantly tired and plagued with nausea. He is gradually reducing his medication and says he feels more like himself with every cut - Read More -

May 1, 2011

Too many updates?

Hello Amigos, This update may be too quick in coming to the last one. I thought it might be fun to include a few pictures. We celebrated Ashton’s 1st birthday at grandma & grandpa Tervort’s home with a strong showing from Sarah’s family, of course. Sarah and Kenzie put together, with help from the aunts - Read More -

April 28, 2011

Repeat update, maybe

Hello Everyone: Im not sure what updates may have already been sent (by mom to the siblings), some of this is repeat for you. The last two days have been landmarks for me personally. The nice weather and my condition allowed me to work in the sunshiny yard two hours each day. I mowed the - Read More -

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