I came home for the weekend and noticed Dad wasn’t using his left arm again. He was also shuffling around like he had been earlier this year. I knew he had been weaning himself of his medication and he told me he hadn’t had any steroids for a week. He also admitted to losing some bladder control. Mom said she noticed the symptoms 3 days ago but she has been too preoccupied to do anything. Marie and I talked to her Saturday morning and convinced her to call Dad’s nurse. The nurse spoke to the oncologist on call and he recommended we take Dad to the ER to do a full examination. Dad was having some severe constipation and was in a lot of discomfort and pain. He didn’t want to go to the hospital but after a lot of coaxing, we got him in the car.
At the ER he was given an IV, some pain killers and felt much better after he went to the bathroom. All of Dad’s vitals checked out great. The CT Scan showed a lot of swelling and the doctor recommended taking steroids again to help manage the swelling. We got a few pills for the weekend and a prescription for more steroids and headed back home.
The doctor at the ER also told us we would have more information after our MRI on Tuesday. He said we would have a clearer image and the oncologist may change his dosage of steroids as they see fit.
I also found out this weekend that my Dad is on anti-depressants. If he’s up for a visit, please stop by and say hi, I think it might help him feel a little better.