Four years ago, we found a tumor in Dad’s brain. He received four months of intense radiation, which he handled very well. The cancer receded and life went back to normal. Dad would see his doctors every six months as a precaution.

December 8, 2010 was a routine follow up visit. The nuerologist found four small dark spots on Dad’s MRI. He thought it was probably scar tissue and that we should keep an eye on it.

The week of Christmas we went to California. This is when I first noticed Dad wasn’t quite himself. He seemed distant and quiet. He would get lost and confused. We encouraged him to see his doctor when we got back.

Dad saw his doctor on Wednesday, January 5. The doctor scheduled another MRI for January 24. Dad’s doctor is one of the best and as a result, is very busy.

I saw Dad on Thursday and realized the situatin was much more severe than we had thought originally. His left side was completely weak. He looked like a stroke victim. We spent most of Friday trying to contact the doctor’s office. Finally we found out the doctor was on call that night. His intern suggested we take Dad to the ER for an MRI and that we would more than likely get his doctor. We decided to do it.

Dad’s doctor saw us Friday night. He said the tumor was back and more aggresive. He would not be able to operate. Dad stayed the night in the hospital and we took him home Saturday.

Scott, Janet and Ron came to Manti to help us. Sunday, most of the family fasted and several of us had spiritual promptings that everything would work out. We had some peace of mind and our hope increased.

Tuesday we met with the oncologist. We determined that tremodar, a form of chemotherapy, would be a viable form of treatment.

As of now, we’re waiting for the first round of tremodar to arrive, which Dad can take orally and from home. He will take it 5 days in a row every 28 days. After four months they will take another MRI to measure his progress.