Dan Adams

A Tribute To A Wonderful Husband & Father

March 2011

March 30, 2011


It has been some time since thelast Danogram. There has been nothing to report except long days of nausia and discomfort. But today is different!!! Yesterday dan went to thwhuntsman institute to meet with a team of doctors. They did another mri. The adjectives used by the doctors when comparing the mri from january include - Read More -

March 29, 2011

Huntsman Visit

Celeste and I spent the day at the Huntsman Cancer Center at UU. had a fresh MRI and consulted with a team of three oncologists about case history, treatments and medications. They scanned through the MRI’s comparing images from December until today – A huge improvement. God gave me a visual gift today. I saw - Read More -

March 18, 2011


Just left dans. Went for a walk towards the mountain. Made it to the powerplant road with ease. Had a good conversation. He started his 3 round or chemo monday night. It.has been the best so far. Very few side effects. Still weighs the same. Has good energy for the most part. He is enjoying - Read More -

March 10, 2011

Today’s doc visit

Saw Wallentine today – his word, miraculous! Doctors aren’t supposed to use that word, I thought. “I”ve never seen this kind of progress before”, he said. Gained 4 lbs. in a week,the yuckiness and plugged bowels persist but my tumor symptoms are diminishing. I can stand on one leg to put on my pants and - Read More -

March 8, 2011


Went on a walk with dan this afternoon. We continue to walk farther each time. Today he left the golden purse home. Has been without it now a day and a half. Only had to get up twice last night. He hasn’t had bladder control this good since mid october. That was the first symptom - Read More -

March 3, 2011


Spent a great evening with dan and celeste. It was celestes 28th birthday and their 28th wedding anniversary. How does that work? Went to dirks on main street. Last time we went 4 weeks ago. Dan went in and out with a walker. Tonight he went in and out on his own. He has lost - Read More -

March 2, 2011

5K Run

Many thanks to Trisha Bradley and all those that are helping with the upcoming 5K Run. Go to the 5K Run page for more information about the event. You can post questions and even donate from there. Be sure to specify if your donation is for the 5K Run under the tab, “special instructions.”